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Kohinoor Mills Limited’s vision is to achieve and then remain as the most progressive and profitable textile organization in Pakistan. Incorporated in 1987 as a small weaving mill, today broadly undertakes three major businesses, weaving, dyeing and power generation. It has, and continues to develop, a portfolio of businesses that are major players within their respective industries. Bringing together outstanding knowledge of customer needs and leading edge technology platforms Kohinoor Mills undertakes to provide superior products to its customers.

With an annual turnover of over PKR 7 billion, today Kohinoor Mills employs over 1,700 employees. It aims to create superior value for Kohinoor’s customers and stakeholders without compromising its commitment to safety, environment and health for the communities in which it operates. Its product range is from greige fabric to processed fabric.


Mr. Rashid Ahmed, Chairman
Mr. Aamir Fayyaz Sheikh, Chief Executive
Mr. Asad Fayyaz Sheikh, Director
Mr. Ali Fayyaz Sheikh, Director
Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Director
Mr. Aamir Amin, Director (NIT Nominee)
Mr. Shahbaz Munir, Director



          Audit Committee                                                                              Human Resource & Remuneration Committee

        Mr. Riaz Ahmed                           Chairman                          Mr. Rashid Ahmed                            Chairman

        Mr. Rashid Ahmed                        Member                            Mr. Asad Fayyaz Sheikh                    Member

        Mr. Ali Fayyaz Sheikh                   Member                            Mr. Shahbaz Munir                            Member

        Mr. Shahbaz Munir                       Member


Mr. Rashid AhmedChairman, MBA IBA Karachi, Pakistan


Mr. Rashid Ahmed contributed financial sector of Pakistan for more than four decades on key management positions.  He enjoys influential contacts especially within corporate and banking community at domestic and international level. Currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Human Resource and Remuneration Committee of Kohinoor Mills Ltd. Mr. Rashid Ahmed is also a member of the Audit Committee and his professional guidelines are considered distinctly by the Management of the Company. Due to his vast experience Mr. Rashid Ahmed is exempt from Directors’ Training Program as required under Code of Corporate Governance 2012 of Pakistan (CCG)


Mr. Aamir Fayyaz Sheikh, Chief Executive, Graduate - Economics University of Texas, U.S.A


Extensive experience of more than 30 years as a Chief Executive/Director of Kohinoor Mills Ltd and possesses diversified business skills with effective leadership qualities. He has a special knack in formulation of effective policies, future planning and corporate guidelines. As an entrepreneur travels extensively and occasionally accompanies trade missions abroad as an active representative of the business community of Pakistan. Presently Mr. Aamir Fayyaz Sheikh is also serving as Chairman Punjab Region of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association. His suggestions for reforming the economy are considered valuable and winning support of the business community. Envisaging rich experience Mr. Aamir Fayyaz Sheikh is also exempt from Directors’ Training Program as required under CCG


Mr. Asad Fayyaz Sheikh, Director, Graduate - Economics University of Dallas, U.S.A


More than 21 years’ of experience as Director providing excellent services to the Company. He is serving as Chief Operating Officer of the Weaving Division and providing valuable services as a member of Human Resource and Remuneration Committee. He is actively involved in negotiating weaving export businesses of the Company. The Board commemorates his contribution and professional dedication. Mr. Asad also meets to the exemption criteria of CCG


Mr. Ali Fayyaz Sheikh, Director, Graduate - Business Studies Wharton University, Pennsylvania


Providing valuable services as Director of the Company from last 20 years. He is also a member of Audit Committee and is contributing specifically on internal audit matters. As Mr. Ali Fayyaz holds fourteen years of education and is being serving on the Board of Directors for more than fifteen years is also exempt from Directors Training Program


Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Director, MBA IBA Karachi, Pakistan, Certified Director ICAP Lahore


Mr. Riaz Ahmed is a successful business executive contributed on key management positions of business relating to footwear and hospital. His professional synopsis started right after his Masters from IBA Karachi in early 60s. He served in the positions of sales & marketing manager, General Manager and as the Chief Executive not limited to Pakistan but to Somalia, Tanzania, Gulf Countries, Europe and far eastern countries. He is serving as an Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Company


Mr. Aamir Amin, NIT Nominee Director,Chartered Accountant, ICAP Karachi, Pakistan, Certified Director PICG Karachi


Professionally a Chartered Accountant possesses experience of more than twelve years. The professional profile of Mr. Aamir Amin reflects diligent contribution towards corporate affairs and capital market of Pakistan. He has a diversified experience as representative of NIT at the Board of various companies from different business sectors


Mr. Shahbaz Munir, Director, Masters in Administrative Science, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan, Certified Director ICAP Lahore


A successful professional with extensive and rich experience in the field of Human Resource and Administration. He possesses experience of more than 30 years comprising National and Multinational companies and enjoys healthy contacts with businessmen, bureaucrat, and Government departments and elite corporate circle. Mr. Shahbaz Munir is presently serving as Non-Executive Director of the Company. He is also member of the Human Resource & Remuneration and Audit Committees of the Board. His professional advice and guidance is always considered valuable by the Management

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